Entre Dezembro e Março, nós na Cabeça da Cabra vamos estar atentos à meteorologia e aproveitar cada minutinho de sol para descobrir as cores do Alentejo nesta estação. Depois de um pequeno-almoço feito para se difrutar sem pressas, vamos convidar os nossos hóspedes a descobrir um dos trilhos da Rota Vicentina.

Para Sábado, o trilho dos pescadores entre a Ilha do Pessegueiro e Vila Nova de Mil Fontes. Este trilho tem uma duração de quatro horas e desenvolve-se ao longo da costa, descobrindo praias secretas, falésias imponentes e toda a grandiosidade do Oceano Atlântico.

No Domingo o caminho histórico, entre a Cabeça da Cabra e a vila do Cercal, um caminho com a duração aproximada de três horas e que surpreende pela diversidade de paisagens que atravessa.

Neste programa especial, a estadia de duas noites vai incluir para além do habitual pequeno-almoço, um lanche caseiro para desfrutar numa pausa de descanso durante a caminhada e o transporte de volta entre o destino final da caminhada e a Cabeça da Cabra Casa de Campo.

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Between December and March, we will be watching the forecast closely, so that we can enjoy every single day with no rain outside. After a breakfast made to be enjoyed slowly, we invite our guests to discover two beautifull trails of Rota Vicentina.

For Saturday, the Fisherman’s Trail between Ilha do Pessegueiro e Vila Nova de Mil Fontes. With an aproximate duration of four hours, allways along the coast, you will discover secret beaches, imposing cliffs and all the greatness of the Atlantic Ocean.

On Sunday the Historic Trail, between our guesthouse and Cercal village, with the aproximate duration of three hours, you will be presented with a surprinsing diversity of landscapes.

In this special program, your two night stay will include, beside our lavishing breakfast, a homemade snack to enjoy during a break on your walk and the transportation between the final destination of your walk back to the guesthouse.

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Hosting an artist you admire

I’ve followed Vera‘s photographic work almost from the beguinning, during the last ten years she has patiently documented not only the portuguese music scene, but a wide group of international artists that visited the country during this period. Her work is a beautiful slice of music history happening in Portugal, with wonderfull layers of evolution and transformation…this was what I had to say before I got a message from Vera herself booking a five day stay in our guesthouse, with the intention of retreating for a couple days to focus on her work. I was of course very excited with all this, but tried to act all cool and normal about it. I had many questions, how did she managed to be so prolific, how does she manage to build such a strong identity without ever compromising. During her stay I could see the skills that were behind her work, a childlike curiousity, endless energy combined with simplicity of that down to the earth, bare to the bone kind, wasting no time with bullshit and deep love and respect for  the people she works with. It was very  inspiring to see her work and it was very conforting to know she deserves all the success she has and more. During her stay she was going trough ten years of pictures to prepare the launch of a new website celebrating ten years of her blog, but she was kind enough to make some pictures of Cabeça da Cabra during her stay, check them here.


photo by Vera Marmelo


It’s been four years since this journey started, so I didn’t expect I would be writing about discovery now, but this was all the summer was about. Places and people can have many layers, so this was the year to get in to the deeper layers of this magical place. A summer of watching many sunrises and breathing the fresh morning air, of staying in the water until dusk, a summer of sharing food and stories around the table with friends we don’t dare to call guests anymore.



Before we say more, let’s face it…we are in November and only now we are taking the time to write a little note about the summer?? This happened because it was an amazing summer, and we were so busy living it! It’s sounds a bit as a cliché…but it’s true! We had so many amazing guests, we made friends for life – but we will stop here, so I don’t get too emotional about it.

We have to thank  Sanda Vuckovic for the wonderfull Kinfolk event she organized at our place, here’s some pictures that she took on that special day.

Another highlight of this season was the surf camp we had in October –   too good to describe it here – but with more opportunities to join us in Spring  2016, send us an e-mail to inquiry about dates and prices


DSCF7894 (800x600)IMG_6565df (640x427)IMG_6556dfIMG_6531df (640x427)IMG_6521dfNow and then, we have days like these that are really beginning to look like Spring…which reminds me of how amazing it was last year. Meagan Merlin was very kind to send us these really nice pictures from the first days of May 2014.


DSC02279 IMG_0083 (1024x683) IMG_0066 (1024x683) IMG_0148 - Cópia (1024x682) IMG_0121 (1024x683) IMG_0080 (1024x683) IMG_0107 (1024x683) DSC02289 (1024x680)Winter doesn’t make my connection with the sea any weaker, but it brings a special magic that draws me closer to the country, nothing brings more peace to me than loosing myself in the surrounding walking trails.