When we gather around a table at Cabeça da Cabra, it’s always magic, it can be breakfast, it can be dinner, it can be family, friends, guests… but it feels special and we wanted to share it, we just needed a little push.

Joachim Dhollander got himself a place on our team the minute he said he didn’t had a smartphone. Yes, you’ve read it right, no smartphone, no instagram, nothing but straight in to your face conversations that drift always in to surf, boards and most especially in REAL food. All the time Joachim has not wasted with his smartphone he put in to connecting with farmers, cheese producers, shepherd, fisherman…people that usually do not connect trough instagram but trough actual face to face conversations.

We felt the location was right, that the love we put in to our food was right…but for the first time we can assure everything is right from the source…this is one of our most ambitious projects and it involved getting in to people’s houses to feel the smell of sourdough bread freshly baked, making new friendships among locals, driving trought dirt roads to meet cheesemakers and long conversations in the markets.

In this journey nothing was fast, easy or pratical ..but everything was precious and remarkable.

Come and share this unique experience with us.