Hosting an artist you admire

I’ve followed Vera‘s photographic work almost from the beguinning, during the last ten years she has patiently documented not only the portuguese music scene, but a wide group of international artists that visited the country during this period. Her work is a beautiful slice of music history happening in Portugal, with wonderfull layers of evolution and transformation…this was what I had to say before I got a message from Vera herself booking a five day stay in our guesthouse, with the intention of retreating for a couple days to focus on her work. I was of course very excited with all this, but tried to act all cool and normal about it. I had many questions, how did she managed to be so prolific, how does she manage to build such a strong identity without ever compromising. During her stay I could see the skills that were behind her work, a childlike curiousity, endless energy combined with simplicity of that down to the earth, bare to the bone kind, wasting no time with bullshit and deep love and respect for  the people she works with. It was very  inspiring to see her work and it was very conforting to know she deserves all the success she has and more. During her stay she was going trough ten years of pictures to prepare the launch of a new website celebrating ten years of her blog, but she was kind enough to make some pictures of Cabeça da Cabra during her stay, check them here.


photo by Vera Marmelo