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Contact: Maria Santos +351 966295432 (also on whatsapp)| acabecadacabra@gmail.com

Welcome to Cabeça da Cabra Guesthouse

Welcome to our guesthouse, we hope  it fells like home away from home in this rural area near the ocean! This welcome link is intended to help you get acquainted with the area and our guesthouse. We try to give here a  sample of our local area knowledge for you to enjoy! Favorite restaurants, favorite beaches, towns, and more. Along with our area guide you’ll also find everything you need to know about our guesthouse. From electricity sockets and hair dryers to breakfast time.

Your studio

We have sought to equip your studio in a simple way  to anticipate your basic needs. Kettle,  dish ware, fridge, hair dryer, bath amenities, towels and bed linen are provided.


 Our philosophy

You want to have a wonderful holiday and we want that for you too.  We believe that when you are here this is your home for however long you are staying and that you will be relaxed, comfortable and happy.  We don’t believe in supplements, breakage deposits or rules and requirements which restrict you, rather trusting you to do the right thing as you would at home.  We live on site and available at all times to help and assist you.  Welcome to our little paradise!

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All rooms have wifi, the speed is not great but is the best we could get in this area. If by any reason it stops working, please let us know, it might be necessary to restart the router. The password is cabecadacabra


The  entrance to the rooms is at the back of the house, the first door leads to the breakfast room.

I live 5 minutes away from the guesthouse and spend a great part of my time here, so most likely I will be here at your arrival. If for some reason I’m not around, you will find the keys on the door and a card with your name on it.



Check-in is anytime after 4pm. If you are arriving earlier than this please contact us – if we don’t have any departing guests we may be able to accommodate you. Alternatively you’re welcome to park inside and wait in the shadow of the pinetrees in front of the house! Or take a look at some of our suggestions in this guide – there are plenty of options to fill  in a few hours!


Check out is  until 12pm. Should you wish to leave later than this please contact us beforehand.  If we have guests arriving it will be tricky but we can try!


Park in the gravel, perpendicularly to the property exterior wall.


Just in case you missed hundreds of photos and instagram stories: We Have a Dog! Lucky is our friendly social host, and she will try to be your friend the minute you step out of the car.

There is also another black dog that visits her once in a while, they like to play together, he is a fat goofy and friendly dog also.



There is two cats visiting us, they are crazy, they will try to steal your food, never give them food or let them in the rooms, we are feeding them but they are sneaky greedy bastards, we like them, they are kind of cool but don’t let your guard down.


Cabeça da Cabra is something smaller than a village, it’s a rural place surrounded by small farms and scattered private houses, ten minutes driving from the small fishermen village of Porto Covo on the southwest coast of Portugal in Costa Vicentina, less than a 2 hour drive from Lisbon or Faro airports. Porto Covo it’s a small, peaceful town that gets a bit of a crowd during July and August, but in our area we are always far from the crowds and we can guide you to avoid the well worn path.



Normally you should be able to find us on google maps or any similar app, but here’s some old school directions, just in case:

Cabeça da Cabra Guesthouse is situated less than 2 hours from Lisbon International Airport. Upon leaving the airport take the highway to Ponte Vasco da Gama and then A2 towards Algarve, leave the highway in Grandola, go direction Sines, on the big roundabout exit direction Odemira, later on follow the road by the ocean until you arrive to Porto Covo.

Once you arrive to Porto Covo, you will be about ten minutes away from us, take the road that heads towards Vila Nova de Mil Fontes. In about 1 kilometer you will get to a roundabout. Here, make a right turn, you will see a sign on the right that reads “Cabeça da Cabra”, turn left, you will pass “Herdade da Cabeça da Cabra” on your left, keep going straight, later on “Monte das Cascalheira” on your right, 200 meter after Monte da Cascalheira turn right. After roughly 500 meters, just where the road makes a sharp right turn, you will see our lovely school. We are located 6 kilometers away from Porto Covo.


37º49’37.0”N  8º44’39.0”W


37.826959, -8.744173

The sign at the last turn:

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Breakfast is included in the price of your stay and is served at the breakfast room our in the tables under the pine trees, from 9h to 11h a.m.. Let us know in advance if you have any food restrictions.

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The famous walking trails of Rota Vicentina pass right at our front door, you can choose to do the historic trail, that goes inland or the fisherman’s trail that goes along the coastline.

If you want to know everything about it check the link:


If you want to know our hacks for these walks, read below:

Our favorites are:

  • from our house to Cercal (inland) | 3 hours approximately ;
  • from Ilha do Pessegueiro to Porto Covo (along the coastline) | 2 hours approximately;
  • from Ilha do Pessegueiro to Vila Nova de Mil Fontes (along the coastline) | 4 to 5 hours approximately.

You can park your car at your departure point and then take a taxi back to the place where you left your car or to the house. From Vila Nova de Mil Fontes (the longest of our favorite trails), shouldn’t cost more than 20€

Option 1 – Cabeça da Cabra – Cercal (inland walk; 3 hours maximum)

Cercal is a quirky  inland village, on your way there will cross variate types of landscape. The whole trail shouldn’t take you more than 3 hours. The marks of the trail (red and white horizontal marks on wood poles or trees) will take you to the church square first and then to the main square where you can find nice cafeterias to have a coffee or a beer… and taxis. The taxi back will cost you around 15€. 

Depart from our house and turn right, immediately after the trash containers, if you don’t have 3 hours, just go for the first 20 minutes of the walk, it’s worth it.


IMG_0066 (1024x683)

Option 2 –  Our shortcut to Porto Covo

You can leave your car at the house and follow the dirt road in the direction of the ocean until you get to the main road, turn left on the main road and walk for about 50 mts and then turn right to the dirt road again. Follow the dirt road until you arrive to the fortress, you can make a stop for sightseeing or go for a drink at the restaurant and then follow the main road to your right again. When the road turns right again you will go straight in to a dirt road. After about 100mts you will see on your left the marks on the sand of two parkings, on the second one you go in the direction of the ocean/dunes until you see a small beach by the ocean, here you should look for the wood poles with the horizontal green and blue lines, and follow the path by the ocean until you reach Porto Covo bay. The taxi phone number in Porto Covo is +351 925 979 800, if we are around maybe we can give you a ride, or  you can just hitchhike.

For the shorter version of this trail, just take the car to “Ilha do Pessegueiro” and walk from there as described above.

Option 3 – This is the real fisherman’s trail, during your walk you are likely to see old men fishing in impossible locations defying gravity and all notions of safety and balance, don’t be like them, just stay on the track…you can still enjoy the breathtaking ocean views without endangering your life. Drive to Vila Nova de Mil Fontes (put on your GPS or google maps the direction to the restaurant “Porto das Barcas”, leave your car in the parking in front of the restaurant and walk north (or right if you are facing the ocean), the trail is visible, but make sure you are on the right path by following the wood poles with green and blue stripes.

For a shorter version of this trail, just park your car at Porto das Barcas and walk one hour north and then back to the parking, this hour is one of the most beautiful stretches of the whole trail.

We should warn you that if you decide to do the whole trail, it’s quite demanding physically since you walk on sand for a big part of it, the first hour from Porto das Barcas north it’s the most beautiful stretch in our opinion, so if you feel tired just cut it shorter.


Check with us for our special Surf&Yoga retreats!

Out of the surf retreat:

We have a couple of boards for rental (15€/day).

If you already surf, check with us to get a couple of insiders tips. Nevertheless we advise you to take a session with one of the local surf schools. We can arrange you the booking or you can do it yourself. The price per lesson is around 40€, with all the surf equipment included.

You can find the surf schools by the beach, either in Praia da Vieirinha or along the São Torpes beach. Ask us for an insider tip about what will be the best school location to surf during your stay, if possible we will check he forecast and direct you to the best spot according to your skills and expectations.


Group classes are great, especially in low season if you are lucky to find yourself in a small group, but if you are looking for a really personal experience, meet Vasco. Vasco is by far one of the most revered and loved surfers among the local community, and there are many reasons for that. With the same nonchalant smile he faces a 6 meter wave on a gun and the next day he is enjoying small peelers elegantly cross stepping to the nose. His love for the ocean and his positive energy melt everyone’s tensions in the water, he is admired by the young kids aspiring to be like him and respected by the older generation for his achievements. It’s always a joy for everyone when Vasco shows up on the line up. Not only he knows better than anyone how each and every surf spot is going to be working, he also knows the hidden gems of the surf life outside the line up, the beautiful drives looking for the best surf, a refreshing dive in turquoise waters at a hidden cove, a beer at a roadside café. Whatever your level is, if you are looking for an unforgettable experience we can put you in contact with Vasco or you can text him directly on whatsapp +351913026787


Yoga with Lea and Tarik

Check with us for the Yoga during our surf retreats, outside those dates we can also redirect you to our Asthanga Yoga gurus that teach, from May to September, in a beautiful place nearby. Drop-in classes cost 20€ each. There  are no lessons on Mondays and new moon days.


Yoga with Nina Briot

Hatha Yoga, from 10€ to 30€ depending on the number of persons. Nina is teaching in several locations nearby, most of them outdoors, it’s a great opportunity for you to get to know some quaint locations and new people too. You can also request a private Yoga lesson at our house.



Massage Therapy

Florian Colombo, is a licensed physiotherapist, with an intuitive touch and knowledge that will reach right where you need, I warn it might not be a soft relaxing massage, but you will thank me later, a surfer himself he knows deeply about our ailments and how to fix them, he offers massage therapy at our place from 50€, one hour, 70€ per 1.5h you can reach him  directly at his whatsapp +39 389 231 5626, or ask our assistance to book with him.

Horse Riding

Beautiful trails of cinematographic beauty,  with the horses of the “Herdade da Ilha do Pessegueiro” (http://www.herdadedopessegueiro.pt/passeios/), from beginners to experienced horse riders. Book trough website, phone/whatsapp (+351 963320898) or ask our assistance.


Praia da Samouqueira

After Porto Covo, driving north you will start seeing small beaches along the coastline, this one has a parking on the left side of the road, and usually on your right you will find horses, sheep and even ostriches (yep the big bird).

This beach has a big rock inside the water, depending on the tide, it creates several pleasant swimming areas. Because it’s a cove protected from the wind, it’s ideal for spring or cooler windy days.  This beach will be extremely crowded in August and July, but it’s perfect for spring and end of summer days.

1 (600x800)

Ilha do Pessegueiro

It’s the closest beach from the house and it never gets crowded, ask us for directions to the “secret beach”, a small cove on the north side of the beach.


Driving south, before Vila Nova de Mil Fontes, this beach it’s an Atlantic beauty, it never gets crowded because it’s huge.


Praia da Vieirinha

This is where the surf school Costazul it’s located, it gets crowded in August but it’s a beautiful beach and it has  Magic Cactus, a great spot for cocktails and snacks by the ocean.






My favorite choice for lunch or dinner is Restaurant José Inácio or Zé Inácio; a very simple restaurant in Porto Covo, with efficient service, fresh local ingredients and fair price. You just need to go down the main street of Porto Covo (pedestrian street), heading towards the ocean, after the crossing, it will be the corner restaurant on your right.

I love their octopus, octopus salad, or the roasted octopus (Polvo à Lagareiro). You also have “Abanicos” if you are missing some high quality pork meat (fine slices of grilled pork meat with traditional seasoning of coriander, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice) . Choco Frito (fried cuttlefish); Ameijoas à Bulhão Pato (Shell/clambs with a fine sauce of coriander, olive oil and garlic).

The house wine it’s also good, I wouldn’t bother asking for a specific brand/bottle.

The portions are big, you should share.

Average meal price 20€ / Closes on Wednesday



Departing from Porto Covo and heading north, this will be the first restaurant you will find on the right side of the road. It has a blue fish on the façade.

Until recently the waiters at this restaurant wouldn’t speak anything but Portuguese and were very economic on smiles, the service takes some time (their speciality is grilled fish and there’s only one person at the grill station), but if you want to have the best grilled fish ever you should not miss this place. The man grilling the fish is doing it since he was a child, the restaurant is a classic for the locals. They know their fish better than anyone, never changed the way they do it, and I suppose they never will.(the old waiters retired so they hired some new waiters that speak english and smile!)

My choices go for the Sargo (white sea bream); Linguado (Sole); Salmonete (red mullet), lulas grelhadas (Grilled squids)…and something I never saw in any other restaurant in Portugal, Ovas grelhadas (grilled fish eggs) even if you don’t like the normal fish egg salad, this one with it’s smoky grilled flavor might suit your taste.

Average meal price 20€ / Closes on Monday


The actual name of the restaurant is “O Amândio”, but everyone will call it Julinha, the name of the sweet lady that commands the grilling station. She is like a mother for all her costumers, grilling generous portions of fish or meat, that will be served with french fries, salad, rice, fruit and whatever they decide it’s best. The most famous dish is “Grelhada mista”, several types of freshly grilled meat, pork, beef and chicken.

This restaurant it’s located in “Ribeira da Azenha”, a little place south of Cabeça da Cabra, on the way to Aivados beach. After passing the sign “Ribeira da Azenha”, before a bus stop that looks like a little house, turn right and go down the road until you see the restaurant.

During the summer, make a reservation some days in advance +351 269 905 277



Fast, simple and you usually don’t need to wait for a table. At this restaurante we like to eat a “Sapateira” it’s a big crab, served with toasted bred.


Captura de ecrã 2018-08-26, às 14.20.16

You have to experience the sunset hour at Choupana, either for a drink or early dinner it’s an incredible place. To eat we recommend the grilled chicken, clams or grilled fish.  All tables are good, but if you want to assure you have one on the first row by the ocean call first to make a reservation ( +351 283 996 643)


Located south of Vila Nova de Mil Fontes, on the way to Praia das Furnas, David Trueb, a young local chef, has started a beautiful journey exploring local ingredients, challenging himself to create a incredible vegan menu, you can choose a 3 course menu, or go full on and try the 7 course menu, paired with the perfect wines, you won’t regret it. All at an incredible price you couldn’t dream off in cities like Lisbon.


Located in Vila Nova de Mil Fontes, super tasty burgers with efficient and  fast service, with a beautiful view to the beach and river.

We became regulars at this place because they usually have extended service hours, good to match early or late dinners/lunches…also it’s irresistible comfort food with a very privileged view. No fuss and great quality.


Another great solution for tasty snacks and drinks with beautiful view to the beach.


A more refined option but still quite an informal place, they have put a lot of attention to details and quality of the ingredients. You can also taste a wide choice of the best portuguese wines by the glass. Our favorite options is the Pica-pau (grilled stripes of black pig seasoned alentejo style) but also the Sarrajão (a local type of tuna braised to perfection).


Also a more refined place and service presenting traditional dishes and ingredients with more of a cosmopolitan twist.


This place is not only about pizza, it’s a about delicious middle east food, homemade kimchi, wild boar bao,  but also the multicultural experience. Along the past decades a lot hippie communes have settled in this area, gathering  people from all over the world, Tasca Lameiros was already the social center for this rural community long before the hippies arrival, serving as a post office, gossip center and elderly day care, so the hippies started a partnership with the old local cafe by setting up an outside terrace where they serve food, and you can buy the drinks at the cafe, everybody wins. It’s an unique experience, with a colorful mix of people, if you are staying on a sunday, don’t miss out.  



The quality and the price of the restaurants around our house it’s amazing, but sometimes we just wanna stay home, and enjoy a meal outside in the patio or under the pine trees . Because the rooms have no stove, we just want to suggest you a couple of tricks.


It’s the Portuguese way, we love a good grilled chicken there’s a place called A MARMITA, in Porto Covo (when entering the village, turn right before the guesthouse Calmaria), they have other dishes but we always prefer grilled chicken, you can also buy fries and rice to go with it. A meal for 2 persons, will cost no more than 15€. (when going for this option, make sure you throw your leftovers in the trash container outside the property, ants love grilled chicken more than us)


Cheese, canned sea food, olives, tomatoes, ham and some nice bread can make a wonderful meal and they are available in any supermarket…match it with a nice wine and a beautiful sunset and it’s definitely a luxury dinner.


Everyone loves pizza, and Porto Covo has a great pizzeria, you can bring it home or enjoy it there (Pizzeria Bela Vita +351 269 905 115.


Guest are not allowed in to the main kitchen of the building, sorry.


Once in a while we have a pop up chef organizing a dinner in the house, if you are interested let us know and we will keep you informed.



If you need to wash your clothes,  there is a laundromat in the village “Lavandaria Bemposta”, behind restaurant Zé Inácio.



There is two supermarkets in Porto Covo, one almost at the sea front, just go down the main street all the way down and then turn right, this is generic supermarket, if you want something nicer check the one behind the main street, it has an incredible wide selection of products for such a small village supermarket, it’s called Tropicação.


Cabeça da Cabra is something smaller than a village, it’s a rural place surrounded by small farms and scattered private houses, ten minutes driving from the small fisherman village of Porto Covo on the southwest coast of Portugal in Costa Vicentina, less than a 2 hours drive from Lisbon or Faro airports. Porto Covo it’s a small, peaceful town that gets a bit of a crowd during July and August, but in our area we are always far from the crowds and we can guide you to avoid the well worn path.

Aligned with us, in the direction of the ocean you have Ilha do Pessegueiro, a very small island where the visigoths used to dry fish and use as a defense strategic position. The beach in front rewards you with some beautiful views of the Island and it’s usually not very crowded.(10 minutes drive |20 minutes bicycle| 40 minutes walking).

A little bit further south you have Aivados beach. Driving south on the main road, you will pass “Ribeira da Azenha” , at the end of the village, before a small bus stop located by the road, turn right, pass the “O Amândio” restaurant and keep following the dirt road until you get to the beach. Be careful with the sand when choosing a place to park. (20 minutes drive)

To the south lies the village of Vila Nova de Mil Fontes, with the Guadiana river meeting the ocean. You shouldn’t miss a sunset in one of its sightseeing spots near the beach at the end of the road or in the fisherman’s harbour. (30 minutes drive).

Want to go further south? Check “Odeceixe”

There’s a couple of small beachs right in front of Porto Covo, but our favorite ones are located north of the village. Just follow the road by the ocean when you are exiting the village direction north. And pick one of the many small ones. We love “Samouqueira”.

If you are looking for some surf, go to Vieirinha or São Torpes. It shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes from our house.