(S) L O W S E A S O N


If you are visiting Alentejo, you are a lucky person, but if you are visiting it in low season you are even luckier, it’s feels so much more special…you have this incredible extension of wild paradise just for yourself, that’s quite a treat isn’t?

Traveling became so easy that wherever you go, most likely you will find yourself among a lot of your fellow travelers, sometimes way too many fellow travelers …visiting in (s)low season assures you a bit more privacy.

And there’s a ton of things that are better to enjoy in spring than in the peak of the summer, here’s a couple, that I’ve tried myself and loved it:


One of my favorite activities, the “Rota Vicentina” paths are very well marked and incredibly beautiful. No need to book, it’s free, you just start whenever you wish and try to make it home before dark. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors, feel active and get to know the particular landscape of this region. I quite often do the inland walk because it starts right at our door, but I also did a couple of times the fisherman’s trail that goes by the cliffs overlooking the ocean. Both of them are incredible and operate wonders to your mind, since walking can be quite a meditation exercise, especially in this landscape.

Don’t hesitate to ask us for our shortcuts and tips to make your experience more rewarding.


H O R S E  R I D I N G

There is horse riding farms nearby, Herdade da Ilha do Pessegueiro (http://www.herdadedopessegueiro.pt).

I’m not experienced (I’ve rode two times in my whole life) but I totally felt like an adventurer in a movie and not like a clumsy tourist, I will never forget the experience and how my but was sore the day after.

Captura de ecrã 2018-03-11, às 12.43.09

(Meike riding Yse)


If you already surf needless to mention the appeal of an empty line up.

In case you don’t surf yet and want to learn, doing it on a wild empty beach, with your instructor devoted just to you or to a small group of friends, will make your experience a lot more special.

Cabeça de Cabra-122


B E A C H  P I C N I C

Eating a sandwich while looking at the ocean, in a deserted beach, is very nice, but why not step up the game one level higher and make it count. Throw in some fancy cheese, earthy bread, a flask of warm tea or some chilled wine, we will advise you on the best locations for it, and even lend you a picnic blanket for your comfort.

IMG_3629 (800x533)


Of course you can go to restaurants any time of the year, but it feels good not to wonder if you are gonna have to wait for a table or not. Check our favorite selection of places to eat or have a drink.



You have Asthanga Yoga classes running daily from May to October in a location nearby, and Hatha Yoga with Nina, but you can always borrow one of our yoga mats and do your own practice in the wood deck, patio or garden house(when available). DON’T BE SHY!


M A S S A G E  T H E R A P H Y

Yes you can do this anytime, but you are more likely to get Peter’s magic hands available in low season!

V I L A  N O V A  D E   M I L F O N T E S  A N D  S U R R O U N D I N G S

Porto Covo, the nearest village might be a bit too quiet, something that is just fine for us, but if you are looking for a change in the scenery drive south to Vila Nova de Milfontes,  where Rio Mira meets the Atlantic Ocean offering you stunning views, there is a couple of nice bars and restaurants with views to the ocean, one of our favorites it’s Riverside Pub, with nice cocktails and confort food (choose a table outside and have your meal or drink looking at the river and dunes) . Also Quebra-mar at the beach, a Choupana a classic for sunsets.  Porto das Barcas in the north side of the village, is located near the fishermans harbor, you can leave your car in front of the restaurant and walk down to check the harbor, it has colorful  boats and fat happy cats laying in the sun.

Captura de ecrã 2018-08-26, às 14.20.16

You can also go up the river in a Stand Up Paddle


I don’t think listing activities will give you a taste of how exclusive it feels to discover Alentejo in low season, this is something you will have to experience yourself.