If there is something these uncertain times of crisis have thought us is that our most valuable possessions are our health (and of course, our loved ones health), some peace of mind when we go to sleep and some freedom to enjoy nature.

We have implemented some changes in our routine in order to maximize your confort and security,  because if you are prepared you don’t need to be afraid. But it’s natural you have questions and doubts, maybe you can find the answer to some of them here:

Self Evaluation – Before leaving home, please check your temperature and consider if  you had one of this symptoms recently: cough, lack of taste, lack of  smell, fever. If you did, please postpone your vacation. 


The Corona vírus situation in Portugal, Alentejo – Portugal has tackled the first wave of the crisis with a suprisingly low number of infected persons, later on it got too confident and things got worse, and then it got better again…in the end we are like any other country, doing our best but not knowing how things will be in a few months… one thing we can assure you is that the natural low demographical density  of Alentejo and our outdorsky lifestyle naturally helped maintaining the number of cases really low.


Protective equipment and social distancing –  Everyone in the house should be commited to good practices of social distance, if you wish to engage in a conversation with someone outside your group, please consider doing it outdoors and keeping a bit of distance. No matter what your beliefs are concerning this subject, it’s easy and polite to offer this space to people you don’t know.

Communication channels – If you have any questions or need help, reach for us outdoor or send us your questions via whatsapp. We will try to make it up to you with fast, accurate and detailed answers.

Breakfast – Unfortunately we are saying goodbye to our famous buffet breakfast for now, we have increased the number of tables available so that everyone can sit more than 2meters apart. Food will be prepared and served after you choose your breakfast spot in the house, outdoors or indoors. If you are choosing the vegetarian or vegan option, please let us know the day before.

Other meals – Restaurants are starting to work normally, but they allow a smaller number of costumers inside. In alternative, most of them have a practical take away service. Also if you prefer to avoid restaurants, all our Suites have a kitchen stand where you can prepare salads and cold meals, we are improving this set up a bit with some more utilities. It is still not a  “real cooking “space, but it’s perfect for simple dishes like the ones we suggest you in this post.

Cancelations and refunds –  We already had a pretty flexible cancelation policy, but we are taking it even further, since we don’t want this to be an extra weight on your shoulders. We still ask for a deposit, but you can ask for it’s refund at any time, if you are feeling insecure about your vacation, we understand and you can just cancel it. In alternative to that you can keep the deposit value for another time (and if you need, you can also change your mind about that later and still get your refund). The refund costs 2€.

Door handles – The only door handle you need to touch is the one from your room, and the ones inside your room. These ones, will obviously be desinfected between guests. When arriving from the outside, use the hand sanitizers available outdoors. Never touch the main kitchen/breakfast room door handle, this is a door for staff only, enter the breakfast room by the main wood door. Breakfast room is open between 9h and 11h only.

Who are we ? – Because now, more than ever you wan to choose well to whom you will trust yourself but also what business you will support, so here’s a very honest straight to the point presentation: Cabeça da Cabra, it’s a very small but strong business owned by Maria. There is two other persons working in the house, it will be their 4th year in a row working here, we are all locals, nature loving people with a simple life, in our spare time we work on our farms/vegetable garden or surf. an